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The Art of War: Legions Network is a community of players providing information, guides, strategy and tips to help our visitors learn more in-depth strategy about the game.

Art of War: Legions is a fun strategy where you can command your own army with the option of over a million different troop combinations, use our troop analysis and strategy to compete competitively against other players online.

You can use your very own army to battle through the campaign, killing strong bosses in honour hunts and completing daily challenges for bonus rewards. We offer the best in-depth advice you can find on Art of War.

If you’re a new player feel free to read our review before you download below or browse the website for some useful information. You can also sign-up and visit our forums to get involved with Art of War discussions!

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Art of War: Legions Review

Art of War: Legions is a mobile strategy game playable on iOS and Android.

Command your army of troops alongside a powerful hero to battle. Consisting of a wide variety of game modes to play and features to assist you with your gameplay.

You can compete in Honour Hunting and Arena events and in return receive participation awards. Regular updates to keep you on your toes and the everlasting quest to become a God of War.

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More than 8000 playable campaign levels, 5 expedition chapters and online arena to test your army in a player vs player environment.

Art of War: Legions takes you on a journey to fill the 49 spots on your formation board. Fight and farm for the strongest troops.

It will be the ultimate battle between strength and knowledge, take what you have learned in the PvP arena.

Choose to fight alone or join a clan to conquer the ranks, it will take time and determination to become a God of War but will you get there?