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Art of War: Legions Arena Guide from

We have compiled some tips on how to win and move up the ranks in the Arena! Arena is the player vs player competitive game mode within Art of War: Legions, frequent seasons with a competitive leaderboard for clans and players makes it a great test to truly show your strength and strategy within your formation. This is where you show your strength within the game. The higher you personally rank and the higher your clan ranks the better rewards you will receive each season. Reasons will automatically be deposited in your inbox ready for you to collect.

Tips for Winning in Arena

  • Do not rush to attack immediately. Look for the best opponent to attack! Remember that you can always exit the PvP fight without losing tries or points if you don’t press “fight”.
  • Check your enemies’ formations, especially of ones that you want to revenge. If you notice that your enemy is using a weak hero (due to farming with Hohenheim or other scenario), then consider attacking them.
  • Try to revenge players who attack you if they are not much stronger than you. Usually, revenge often leads to victory, especially when you manually control the hero’s skill as opposed to using auto.
  • Pay attention to troop count advantage. The more 9-load troops you have the bigger advantage you may have, even if your opponent has more rare single load troops. Also, remember that Undead Soldiers can revive once during a battle so they can be considered as an additional troop (or unit).
  • Pay close attention to the enemy’s strongest troops. For example, how many Demons, Golems, Paladins, Undead Soldiers, and Assassins they have.
  • Very important! Try not to attack or revenge people that have much less ranking points than you – they will bring you very little points (1-3), but deduce more from you if somehow win you (possibly strong but not too active user).

Tips to Improve Your Own Army

  • The main strategy to pass a hard level and defend in the arena is to increase your army soldier counter by using multi-load troops that load 9 units instead of single load troops.No matter how strong a single load troop is (with exception to demons and golems who are incredibly strong) multi-load troops are stronger because 9 soldiers combined typically have higher stats than a single load troop.
  • Use undead soldiers (they revive once during a battle), assassins and apprentices (they are fast to kill enemies in the back row), paladins (they have the highest combined HP and can shield friendly troops), harbingers of fire (who are highest DPS troops that deal AoE damage) and archers (who deal ranged DPS damage).
  • Fortify your first row to make it as durable as possible.

How Did I Lose to a Weaker Opponent?

It can be easily explained: some of the players set up a very weak defense, but their attack formation is much stronger. Some people just forget to update defense formation, others do it on purpose. Also, a low trophy ranking doesn’t mean the player is weak: it’s possible he hasn’t been playing PvP for a long time, but his army is still very strong.

As for the low trophies, this is normal when you win people with less trophies than yours. If you attack people with the same rankings as you or higher, the higher the rank of your opponent is, the more trophies you will get.

In addition to that, there is one thing that can possibly solve your issue: Try to go to your defense formation in the arena menu (defense) and then press the “save” button or “import formation” button. It will synchronize your hero level and current defense with the servers, and will possibly solve the issue.

Arena Rewards Based from Individual Ranking