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Art of War Legions Clan Archers and Boat Vikings

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The Art of War: Legions clan system was introduced in update 300. You can access the clan interface through the territory tab through the game app. A clan has a maximum of 50 members and the clan is ranked on a ELO system similar to arena. Each member contributes their arena trophies towards the trophy total of the clan and this is what the clan ranking is based from.

Art of War: Legions Clan Icon

Compact with a chat feature, rankings, member list, completable quests for rewards update 300 didn’t disappoint and it’s been improved ever since. This update really provided a immersive clan experience!

Since the update has been released there have been over 25,000 clans created. This totals to a total cost of 25,000,000 gems! It’s a good job the rewards are amazing, if you’re serious about Art of War: Legions then you need to get yourself in a clan!

Art of War: Legions Built in Clan Interface

Once you join a Art of War: Legions clan you will have access to a whole new clan interface within the clan system shown above. There’s some amazing extra features you can utilise from being part of a clan.

Art of War: Legions Clan Interface Chat Menu

Here is what you will have access to; 

  • Chat Interface – The chat interface will give you access to a chatroom for you and your clan to talk in.
  • Members List – The members list will show you each member and their ranking in the clan, Generals, Captains and Lieutenants will be positioned at the top.
  • Clan Rankings – Here you can see your clan position in the arena season.
  • Quests Tab – Help complete clan quests to gain clan experience to level your clan. Each level will grant a reward of coins, gems or both!

As well as them bonuses, at the end of each season players receive rewards based on their individual performance and also clan performance. These rewards are automatically sent to your in game inbox so it makes sense to perform well to receive good rewards.

Art of War Clan Quest Page

How Does Art of War Clan Ranking Work?

1000 clans will receive rewards according to the Clan Rank calculated by the clan’s Honor Points. The reward will be sent by the game inbox automatically. Honor Points of the Clans is a sum of all members’ Honor Points, it will be calculated in the game automatically.

Individual member Honor Points are calculated by the formula of the final arena point in the season multiplied by the index of member’s rank in the clan.The higher the member’s position in the clan, the higher is the index.

Position in the clan and multiplying index:

  • 1st place – index is 0.5;
  • 2-10 place – index is 0.4;
  • 11-20 place – index is 0.3;
  • 21-30 place – index is 0.2;
  • 31-40 place – index is 0.1;
  • 41-50 place – index is 0.05;

(Honor Points = Arena Points * position index)

Join a Clan and Start Claiming Your Prizes Today!

There are multiple ways to earn rewards with a clan. You are rewarded from leveling your clan rank. Completable in game quests will grant you experience towards your next clan rank. Once you level up, the clan reward chest will be available to claim for that level.

Rewards will come in the form of the following;

  • Coins
  • Gems
  • Troops
  • Hero Shards

There is a variety of quests available from killing opponents with a selected hero type or fighting with a specific troop type. Once a quest is ready to be claimed then the button will turn to claimed. A clan General, Captain or Lieutenant will then be able to finish the quest and claim the xp.

All The Top 1000 Clans Will Receive Bonus Rewards in Game!

If your clan was ranked within the top 1000 in the game you will be entitled to a reward. This will be delivered directly to your in game inbox after the season finishes. Every member within your clan will be granted the same reward, you can see the rewards you could be eligible for below.

The clan season rewards distributed to every clan member dependant on the clan ranking;

  • 1st place – 2500 gems + 750k coins + 2 x lvl.4 Troop + 4 x Hero Shard + 3 x Hero Shard + 10 supercard vouchers;
  • 2nd place – 2200 gems + 600k coins + 2 x lvl.4 Troop + 3 x Hero Shard + 2 x Hero Shard + 10 supercard vouchers;
  • 3rd place – 2000 gems + 500k coins + 2 x lvl.4 Troop + 2 x Hero Shard + 1 x Hero Shard + 10 supercard vouchers;
  • 4th place – 1800 gems + 450k coins + 3 x lvl.3 Troop + 2 x Hero Shard + 10 supercard vouchers;
  • 5th place – 1600 gems + 400k coins + 3 x lvl.3 Troop + 2 x Casandra + 10 supercard vouchers;
  • 6th place – 1400 gems + 350k coins + 2 x lvl.3 Troop + 2 x Hero Shard + 10 supercard vouchers;
  • 7th place – 1300 gems + 300k coins + 2 x lvl.3 Troop + 2 x Hero Shard + 10 supercard vouchers;
  • 8th place – 1200 gems + 250k coins + 1 x lvl.3 Troop + 1 x Hero Shard + 10 supercard vouchers;
  • 9th place – 1100 gems + 200k coins + 1 x lvl.3 Troop + 1 x Hero Shard + 10 supercard vouchers;
  • 10th place – 1000 gems + 180k coins + 1 x lvl.3 Troop + 1 x Hero Shard + 10 supercard vouchers;
  • 11-15th place – 900 gems, 150k coins + 5 supercard vouchers;
  • 16-20th place – 800 gems, 120k coins + 5 supercard vouchers;
  • 21-30th place – 700 gems, 100k coins + 5 supercard vouchers;
  • 31-50th place – 600 gems, 80k coins + 5 supercard vouchers;
  • 51-100th place – 550 gems, 60k coins + 5 supercard vouchers;
  • 101-200th places – 500 gems, 50k coins + 5 supercard vouchers;
  • 201-500th places – 450 gems + 40k + 5 supercard vouchers;
  • 501-1000th places – 400 gems + 30k + 3 supercard vouchers;

Rewards are automatically to each active member of the clan after Arena Season ends.

Can I Advertise My Art of War: Legions Clan on This Website?

Included within the community network we have a fully functioning forums. To post a clan recruitment thread create an account with You can do that by signing up here. Alternatively sign in with your Google, Facebook or Twitter. Once you’ve created an account login and head over to the clan recruitment section of the forums.

Not only can you post a clan recruitment thread to help recruit for your clan but you will have access to interact with and post in other forum topics. But wait, you could also join our network discord channel and post a thread within the clan recruitment section there. You can find more information on our Discord below.

What Are the Requirements to Create a Clan in Art of War?

The only requirement to become a general of your own clan is a small fee of 1000 gems and 1600 arena trophies. You can then recruit upto 50 members to join your clan and fight towards gaining as many trophies as possible, together.

If you’re looking for a clan to join then feel free to check out the forums in the clan recruitment section. If you’re a general you are welcome to post an advertisement thread for your clan.

Alternatively you can join the unofficial Art of War: Legions Discord by clicking the button below. Make your way to the clan recruitment channel and you will see a wide variety of clans advertising their available spaces.

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