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The game itself has many heroes you can unlock of which all have different skills that you can utilise during a battle. All the heroes have unique abilities and you’re only allowed to use one hero at a time in battle. If you have multiple heroes unlocked, be sure to read their skill details and select the one that suits your battle formation. You can upgrade your hero to raise the overall level thus increasing the skillset. Legendary heroes are the best heroes in the game due to their legendary skills, however they are hard to get and are costly if you want to spend real money to progress.

Rare Heroes

  • Hohenheim – Alchemist
  • Planck – Engineer
  • Dante – Minstrel
  • Green – Tree of Life
  • Diana – Jungle Hunter

Epic Heroes

  • Kelvins – Frost Baron
  • Illum – Elemental Sorcerer
  • Moshe – Archon
  • Edward – Black Beard
  • Kriss – Santa Giant
  • Ainz – Winter Lord
  • Robin Hood – Prince of Thieves
  • Minotaur – Bull Demon King
  • Cassandra – Tarot Master
  • Miller – Bloody Werewolf
  • Genichiro – Sakura Blade

Legendary Heroes

  • Drake – Admiral of New Route
  • Ivan – Thunder King
  • Harrison – Clockman
  • Apollo – Shining Aureole
  • Chione – Queen of Frozen Land
  • Poseidon – Ocean King
  • Azrael – Grim Reaper
  • Selene – Moon Goddess
  • Wukong – The Monkey King
  • Davison – Dragon Emissary
  • Zeus – King of the Gods
  • Dracula – Vampyre Earl
  • Nezha – Burning Spear
  • Mephisto – Lord of Hatred
  • Horus – Horus the Elder
  • Arthur – The King of Camelot
  • Beowulf – Intrepid King

Leveling Your Hero
When you first get a hero it will be level 1, the more you level your hero the stronger it will become and the more abilities you will unlock in result becoming a lot stronger. It’s very important to level your hero up, to upgrade a hero, you need to obtain hero shards. The amount of shards needed will increase with every level, for a level 1 hero you will need 1 shard. Then to level your hero to level 2 you will need 2 shards. This increases with every level in a linear pattern.

Which Hero Should I Pick?
Many players would recommend that you choose one legendary hero and stick with it, slowly upgrading  your choice to max level over time before switching to a alternative hero. Different heroes require different strategies, so take time to read up and test different formations that will benefit you in battle. Analyse each hero and pick which best suits your gameplay.

Hohenheim the Alchemist
This hero is an exception, Hohenheim is essential in farming coins and building your army up efficiently. Many players will use this hero in the campaign to farm and then use their legendary for arena.The reason being is Hohenheim increases the amount of coins you receive per battle dependant on his level. When leveling, remember that Hohenheim’s ability is only active when he is alive, so keep him well protected.

How Can I Obtain Hero Shards?
Hero events are the most efficient way to obtain hero shards, this includes the wheel of fortune and card shuffle events. If you’re a free-to-play player, we would recommended that you first obtain the legendary hero you want and keep upgrading it to level 15 before investing in a different hero. Save your gems until the hero you need is in the event!