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Art of War: Legions Honour Hunting Guide from

Honor Hunting is a recurring minigame within Art of War: Legions that will rotate between the two bosses: Cerberus and Cyclops. You can have upto 3 attacks per day and the minigame event itself will last 7 days. You will collect  honour hunt trophies for your efforts that can be spent in the honour hunt exchange for some nice rewards. At the end of each minigame event the top 20k players will be rewarded with medals, coins, and vouchers based on their damage rank.

How Can I Increase my Honour Hunt Score?

Your formation in honour hunts is very important, try to use as many 9 stack troops when possible. Honor Hunting can be very competitive within the top 20k rankings, and many clans have their own secrets, you can try and figure it out with trial or error or if you prefer working with a team to form strategy you should consider joining a clan.

Supporting Troops
One of the most important things to maintain is keeping your hero and troops alive as long as possible. To accomplish this you can use a good mix of high level Pilgrims, Brawlers and Paladins.

Melee Troops
9 stack melee troops are preferred over single stack troops.

Our melee recommendations to choose from include;

  • Ghost Assassins
  • Undead Soldiers
  • Inquisitors
  • Cactus
  • Bandits
  • Harbinger of Fire

Range Troops
Ranged troops such as Archers and Peltasts can work extremely well against Cyclops.

Once you’ve mastered your troop formation you might be wondering what hero to use, the best method to get a rough idea of what is competitive is to look at the leaderboard. You can see what heroes the top Art of War: Legions players are using, feel free to scan through our heroes page to get some more information on all the heroes available.

What’s the Best Way to Increase my Damage?