Top 5 Troops to Upgrade to Level 9

Top 5 Troop Types to Upgrade to Level 9

Art of War: Legions Level 9 Troop Guide by

The best advice we can give you is to do what is most important for your army. For example, don’t upgrade a bunch of soul hunters because you read something about them in a new update or got beat by one in someone else’s army.

Build up the existing army you already have. Also make sure to consider what you can afford to replace. If your army has Meteor Golems and you cannot replace one of your Golems, don’t upgrade them until you can safely replace them because it could hurt your current formation. Here are the top 5 tiers of our picks for the best Art of War: Legions troops.

Here are some extra top pointers to think about when level up your troops to level 9 in Art of War: Legions.

  • Pick a troop you use in multiple situations.
  • Choose a 9-load troop over a single load troop.
  • Pick a troop that can be used in Honour Hunting as well as Arena.
  • Don’t listen to anyone else about the most powerful troop.
  • Pick a troop you will be able to replace on your formation board.