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Art of War: Legions has many troops to pick from to fill your army, each troop has its own abilities and respective levels. You will find troops that attack with melee, range and magic. Some of the troops have high defense, while others have high attack power. Some troops have special abilities such as the Ice Mage, they have the ability to ice barrage. The Ice Mage casts a spell to a target area dealing damage to enemies and slowing them down. Troops with high Defense can lead your army from the front, they can soak most of the damage dealt by enemies. While the troops with high attack stats usually have lower defense, it best to protect them with higher defensive units.

Available Art of War: Legions Troops


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These units do not do a lot of damage immediately but its lasting burn damage will destroy the enemy melee units on their front lines over the next few seconds. Typically, they are placed on the front and back lines or near the front and back spaced out, so that their burn kills units faster initially and covers the most area. One strategy used to counter this is by placing melee units further in the back, and placing tanky units up front to absorb their damage, with mage apprentices, demons, ghost assassins, and even ranged units near the front lines instead. Because of this, a counter strategy has developed of placing goblikazees in the middle of the formation in a line, as melee units tend to funnel to the middle even when they are coming from further back. Recently, a counter strategy was developed where you can place a rhino knight up front, as he runs through the enemy and causes the goblikazees to explode before reaching your front line melee units.

These units can be very effective or downright horrible. Their lower attack and defense vs other melee units make them weaker in a heads up fight, but their speed and ability to confuse the metrics of targeting make them incredibly useful. If the enemy has ranged units, they will typically try to protect them with goblikazees and melee units. This could render mage apprentices and ghost assassins ineffective because they are weaker heads up. However, when mage apprentices are place all across the front lines, they confuse the enemy back line melee units into running forward rather than staying back to protect the ranged units, leaving the enemy ranged units exposed. When you have 5-7 of these units you can totally break the enemy’s ranged units as the rest of his units run forward.

By far one of the best melee 9 stack unit. They are fairly fast, with high attack speed and attack. When they die, they resurrect and keep going for a second try at life. This means their health is a bit of a misnomer, as it is actually double the baseline value. However, it does take them a second to resurrect once dead. Having enough of these could make you floor any enemy, and you should use as many of these bad boys as you can vs other melee units.

A high attack paired with their special slice n dice makes these guys strong, but they’re also fairly squishy. They can be countered easily by goblikazees, but if u dont have enough mage apprentices to shock the targeting system of the back line melee, these can cause the enemy goblikazees to explode on the ghost assassins first, making your mage apprentices and demons distract the enemy back line for longer as you tear through the enemy front line. They are best used in low numbers for this effect, as they can be easily countered.

Their high health combined with the fact they give a shield to low health units nearby makes them a good troop however their low attack makes them less useful than undead soldiers, but staying alive has its merits. When combined with pilgrims and brawlers, they can maintain a group of very hard to kill front line units.

Not the greatest of troops unless you’re rocking with iron guards, and infantry, and simply don’t have enough melee units to fill your roster. They have high attack, but otherwise, they suck in a heads up vs other melee and ranged units.


One of the most controversial melee units in the game in far of their utility. It’s hard to know how to rank them but personally, i like these troops. They don’t have incredible attack, or defense, or health, but they heal nearby units with low health allowing your army to stay alive longer. In arena, they’re hit or miss, best placed one line behind your other melee units, or wherever they can stay alive for longer, but in honor hunting they are overpowered. When honor hunting, place them on the front lines and they will heal your whole melee army. This is effective both for cerberus and cyclops.

Recent buffs made Brawlers a top tier melee unit. After a few moments they grant a shield to themselves and nearby units against melee attacks. Their attack isn’t something too special, but it’s decent, and they will keep your ranged and other melee units safe.


The tankiest tanky tank boy. This is perhaps the highest power unit in the game. Not only can it absorb ungodly amounts of damage, but also has an attack surrounding its body, along with a special attack where he throws a rock that goes further. Because of how targeting works, until he dies, whatever was attacking him will continue to attack him. This can leave your other higher dps units safe as you attack them while they’re targeting this hunk of rock.